PPE – What Exactly is Personal Protective Equipment

PPE – What Exactly is Personal Protective Equipment & How Does it Help You Stay Safe from COVID-19 During your Visit to Vargas Dental Associates Dental Office?

It’s just a fact now that COVID-19 has changed daily life as we know it, including your visits to Vargas Dental Associates. Luckily, Dr. Vargas and his team have implemented the most state-of-the-art PPE or personal protective equipment standards currently available. PPE does not just refer to safety equipment, however, but has also come to refer to new and improved safety and sterilization protocols. Here is a description of the PPE we have recently instituted at Vargas Dental Associates in order to keep our patients safe and healthy during their dental care appointments.

1. Online patient registration

At Vargas Dental Associates, our online patient registration system helps to implement social distancing protocols by limiting your exposure to others, avoiding crowding and time spent in our reception area. This also saves you time, allowing you to fill out required forms well before your appointment from the safety of your own home or via the convenience of your mobile device. It is important to emphasize that Vargas Dental Associates’ online patient registration is 100% HIPAA compliant. Your private health information is processed through a secure website so it remains confidential and secure.

2. Virtual Waiting Rooms

Dr. Vargas and his team have also implemented a virtual waiting room which works in tandem with online patient registration. Our virtual waiting room replaces the antiquated standard of a bustling waiting room. Before even entering our practice, you will process your check-in from your vehicle either by phone or text. When you are ready to be seen, we will make sure that your room has been properly sterilized so you can go directly in, also minimizing contact with other patients. To eliminate unnecessary exposures, we have also done away with magazines, children’s toys, wall-to-wall seating and the like.

3. Pre-Appointment Health Screening

In place of the traditional waiting room model, what you will find upon entering our facility is simply one team member who will welcome you by taking your temperature (as well as that of every other patient who walks in the door.) Along with this measure, every patient will be asked screening questions regarding possible exposures to COVID-19 in order to maximize infection control, followed by being offered hand sanitizer.

4. Chairside Scheduling and Treatment Planning

In a similar vein to that of pre-appointment screenings, we have also changed our post-dental visit protocols. From now on you will be able to review your complete treatment plan and fully schedule your follow-up appointments chairside with your doctor, hygienist or the dental assistant you worked with during your appointment. This eliminates the close-quarters and long wait of previously used appointment making processes and any extra, avoidable exposures to other team members during the check-out process.

5. Contactless Collections

Now at Vargas Dental Associates, you may submit your payment via text message, keeping you safe by allowing you to pay for your visit in a “touchless” manner.

6. Personal Protective Equipment

At Vargas Dental Associates, we are following all of the recommendations of both The American Dental Association and The Center for Disease Control when it comes to the new equipment we are using during dental visits. Any team member with whom you have close contact in an operatory will be outfitted with N95 masks and full-face shields to ensure an environment that is as safe and healthy as possible. Also, hand sanitizer is now generously provided around the office, with surfaces and operatories being thoroughly disinfected between each visit.

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