Have You Flossed Today?

We know, we know! We say it a lot: Flossing, along with brushing and regular checkups, is vital to oral health. But do you know why it is so important? Flossing gets into those spaces between your teeth that your toothbrush just can’t reach. It gets rid of the smallest food particles and bacteria stuck between your teeth, leaving your teeth as clean as they can be between visits to us for professional cleaning. Continue reading to learn more.

Discover The Benefits Of Proactive Oral Healthcare

Being proactive with your oral health has tremendous advantages. Surprisingly, not all patients approach their dental care that way. Many only visit when there’s an emergency, putting off preventative care, including regular check-ups, cleanings, and X-rays. Embracing a proactive approach towards oral healthcare will set you up for long-term success and save you from unnecessary expenses. We recommend that all our patients be proactive with their dental care.

5 Reasons To Maintain Good Oral Health After The Age Of 60

As you age, maintaining your overall health becomes increasingly important, and one aspect that often gets brushed aside is oral health. The health of our teeth and gums can have a major impact on our overall well-being, especially if you’re over 60. Continue reading to learn more about the importance of good oral health as you age and how it contributes to a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle.

4 Reasons You Should Never Ignore Tooth Pain

Pain is the body’s way of telling us that something is wrong. When we ignore it, especially if it is coming from a highly sensitive area, like the mouth, we risk serious injury or illness. If you experience tooth pain, your body could be warning you of an oral health problem that needs to be addressed right away. We urge you to listen to your body because persistent tooth pain is not normal, and ignoring it could have serious consequences.

Importance Of Restoring Your Oral Health

At Vargas Dental Associates, we love to help our patients restore their smiles. We know that it can be disheartening if you are experiencing severe decay or complications with your oral health. Poor oral health can make daily life difficult, and it can affect the way you view yourself and interact with others. We encourage all of our patients — no matter their age or the dental problems they are experiencing — to learn more about how we can help them.

Top 7 Dental Emergencies & How To Avoid Them

When was the last time you visited our office for an oral hygiene examination? If it has been longer than six months, then you are due for a visit. We also encourage you to schedule any recommended treatment that you may have postponed. Delaying dental care can lead to serious complications with your oral health. While dental emergencies can occur at any time, they are more common in patients who have delayed receiving dental care. It can be overwhelming to deal with a dental emergency. Read on to learn more about what is considered a dental emergency and how to help prevent it from occurring.