Importance Of Restoring Your Oral Health

At Vargas Dental Associates, we love to help our patients restore their smiles. We know that it can be disheartening if you are experiencing severe decay or complications with your oral health. Poor oral health can make daily life difficult, and it can affect the way you view yourself and interact with others. We encourage all of our patients — no matter their age or the dental problems they are experiencing — to learn more about how we can help them.

Top 7 Dental Emergencies & How To Avoid Them

When was the last time you visited our office for an oral hygiene examination? If it has been longer than six months, then you are due for a visit. We also encourage you to schedule any recommended treatment that you may have postponed. Delaying dental care can lead to serious complications with your oral health. While dental emergencies can occur at any time, they are more common in patients who have delayed receiving dental care. It can be overwhelming to deal with a dental emergency. Read on to learn more about what is considered a dental emergency and how to help prevent it from occurring.

Importance Of Saliva

When you come to the dentist for a cleaning or dental treatment, you may notice a member of our team holding a little suction device in your mouth. This device is helpful in removing excess saliva. Saliva, also known as spit, is necessary for maintaining your oral health. The main role of saliva is to help remove lingering food and bacteria from your mouth after you eat and drink. Saliva is mainly composed of water, but it does contain high levels of calcium and fluoride to help protect tooth enamel.

Why You Should Care About Gum Disease

When was the last time you visited our office for an oral hygiene examination and cleaning? If it has been longer than six months, you are due for a visit. During these appointments, we not only clean your teeth, but we also thoroughly check for problems like tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. Gum disease is extremely prevalent because it affects more than half of American adults. Read on to learn more about this treatment to be sure you are not experiencing any of the symptoms.

Is There A Link Between Oral And Heart Health?

At Vargas Dental Associates, we are passionate about our patients receiving regular oral hygiene examinations. During these appointments, we are able to spot any problem areas in the mouth and recommend immediate treatment. Unfortunately, when problems with your oral health, such as gum disease, are left to progress and worsen, your teeth and mouth are not the only areas of your body that can be affected. One area of your body in particular that can be negatively affected by oral health issues is your heart.

An Easy Way To Transform Your Smile For The Holidays

December has arrived, which means we are in the thick of the holiday season. If you would love to improve your smile in time for the festivities and the family photos, now is a great time to learn more about how we can help. There is one popular treatment that will give you a beautiful, bright smile in time for your upcoming holiday plans. Read on to learn more about how professional teeth whitening may be the perfect cosmetic dentistry treatment to get right now.

Learn More About Mouth Cancer Awareness Month

November is when we celebrate Thanksgiving and spend time with loved ones, and it is also the month we recognize Mouth Cancer Awareness. This month is dedicated to the knowledge and awareness of oral and mouth cancers. Mouth cancer is any cancer cells found on the lips, tongue, cheek, and gums. We stress the importance of routine oral care not only to look for decay, but also because we check for signs of mouth cancer during your appointment.

Time To Make A Change?

We don’t know about you, but we cannot believe that it is already November! It feels like we just celebrated the new year, and in a few short weeks, we will be entering the holiday season once again. If you have been considering improving your smile, there is no better time than the present to learn about how we can help you achieve your dreams and goals. Thanks to developments in treatment and technology, we can make any change you would like to see with your smile. Read on to learn more about improving your smile.

What To Expect On Your First Visit To Vargas Dental Associates

At Vargas Dental Associates, we are always welcoming new patients. We have been proudly serving the community of Bowie, MD since 1991. During this time, we have built a reputation of trust and excellence in the community. We are dedicated to our patients and provide high-quality care. We use the latest technology and the most advanced techniques to restore and improve the function and appearance of your teeth and smile.